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United States Air Rifle Benchrest

Air Rifle Benchrest continues to grow in the United States. Sanctioned clubs have grown from 11 in 2013 to 19 in 2016. Further, United States National Championships continue to be held. In the interest of continuing this growth, we updated this website to promote this sport throughout the United States and the world. Your input for changes and improvements to this site are always welcome.

50 Yard Targets

USARB is now distributing, on a trial basis, sanctioned targets for 50 yard Open, Unlimited, and Spring Piston class shooting. Required use of these targets for USA Record submittals, and Scoreline inclusion is the same as the existing 25 meter sanctioned target program. Refer to the bottom of the Target and Scoring Page for particulars on cost and ordering.

Scoring Plug Program

USARB has initiated a program to distribute two custom scoring plugs free of charge to sanctioned clubs that request them. The intent is to make tools available that we believe will promote better scoring practices and reliable outcomes.  Click here for details and ordering instructions.

USA Spring Piston Class

Permanent sanctioning will be based on visible participation by shooters as evidenced by club competition scores posted to USARB Scoreline page. Rules for this class were developed with the cooperation of a group of respected Match Directors interested in promoting the class. The Board of Directors wishes to convey its appreciation of all members of this Committee for their leadership, effort, and end product.


For 2017, a $25.00 yearly, per club donation will be collected for sanctioning purposes.  See “Affiliated Clubs” page for detailed mailing information, and individual club listings for sanctioning status.  Funds will be used to cover both organizational expenses and discretionary items.

The Board of Directors

  • Joe Friedrich, Open Grove Air Rifle Oxnard, California
  • Ron Silveira, Wild River Air Rifle Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Bob Zimmerman, Houston Benchrest Group Houston, Texas
  • Craig Young, WRABF Executive Officer South Carolina

Our Mission Statement

As an organization, we will support all air rifle benchrest competitions in association with our partners around the country and the rest of the world. Our site will be updated with news, scores and other information for those who participate in, or want to participate in, air rifle benchrest competitions. Please use our website to learn and understand more about this growing shooting sport.